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Why Attend?

From executive directors to board chairs to emerging leaders, fundraisers to communicators, from artists to artistic directors, from volunteers to educators, Arts Impact Ohio offers something for everyone.

Experience Diverse Viewpoints and Voices

"I loved talking with other arts folks from around Ohio, specifically those who work in communities much different than mine. It's eye opening to listen and understand obstacles that others face."

Gain Inspiration

"It was my chance to renew—remind myself why I am passionate about the arts and community. I was inspired and my creative energy recharged."

Create Meaningful Connections

"I ran into people I hadn't seen in 12 years and connected with people I only had emailed with. Networking is always the best part of these for me."

Enhance Your Skillset

"The track I chose made the conference feel very social justice-, DE&I-, and minority-focused. I need to expand my vocabulary and my mindset when it comes to working with and serving minority communities, and now I feel like I've got a great start to filling my toolbox in that way."

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